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manley is also quite womanly

The word is out! Content Cats becomes manley. Your trusted PR agency today embarks on a new chapter in its journey, consolidating growth in recent years and continuing to put itself on the international map with a new look and a new name. And don't be mistaken: manley is also quite womanly. ;-)

As a boutique agency for strategic PR and content creation, manley creates and distributes neorthy content that helps companies grow via smart communication strategies. Our clients are typically high-impact innovators on the national and international stage, representing all major sectors including energy, healthcare, biotech, proptech, legal, mobility, logistics, food and more.

Together with a team of befriended creative professionals we searched for a name that captures that DNA: our love for storytelling, our belief in the need of sustainable solutions, our heart for entrepreneurship, and our approach to perfection.

audio compression

Our new name manley is a nod to the world’s most legendary audio compressors of the same name. Because compression is a silent but indispensable force. One that lies at the crossroads of technology and creativity, adding definition and balance to a brand's voice. Just like your ideal PR partner.

forward-thinking ideas

manley chooses resolutely in favour of a sustainable approach that focuses on people, forward-thinking ideas and their concrete implementation. One that translates complex innovations into relevant, compelling and human stories and helps companies tell those stories to the world. All with a view to maximising growth, reinforcing authority and enhancing employer preference. And via a wide range of services from communications strategy, media insights and media relations to ambassador management and content creation.

a personal, boutique approach

manley is built for the world of today; far removed from bureaucracy and overhead. And founded on the values of openness, transparency and inclusivity. Our PR boutique today consists of PR experts in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain and Italy along with structural partners in London (UK) and San Francisco (USA).

We strongly believe that PR is more relevant today than ever. Every word and every action has immediate consequences. We are all in need of inspiring stories that want to provide an answer to the numerous challenges this world is facing today. As a strategic PR boutique we feel privileged to be able to do our bit.

On behalf of the entire manley team, I’d like to thank you for your trust over the years. We can't wait to continue our mutually rewarding collaboration within manley, making you stand out!

Saar Dietvorst, founder and managing director manley