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boutique approach for maximum, measurable impact

You want peace of mind while you grow in authority, brand awareness and employer preference? We combine a boutique approach with genuine international outreach to ensure your strategic messages reach their target, worldwide.

You won’t miss a single story about your brand, sector or competitors. And you’ll stay top of mind with relevant journalists, ambassadors, governments and other stakeholders.

Whether you’ve just popped up on the market or you’ve already well and truly earned your stripes, as your trusted PR partner, we guarantee maximum and measurable impact.

Contact us for more information about our PR packages, tailormade to suit your ambitions and your budget.

Manley strategie2

communication strategy

manley develops your communication plan in line with your needs and goals. An intelligent, integrated approach with concrete initiatives and strategic content to support your business objectives.

Manley statistics

media insights

manley delivers real-time updates on developments concerning your brand, your competition and the market. We filter through billions of data sources to provide insights that support your strategic decision making and ensure you never miss a single opportunity.

Manley news

media relations

manley is your fly on the wall, keeping your brand on the radar amongst journalists around the world. We know them and they know us. And we employ those long-term media relations to reinforce your authority in the market. With local PR experts in Europe, UK and USA who put your brand on the national and international map.

Manley influencer

influencer management

manley turns your stakeholders into genuine ambassadors for your brand. From influencers, opinion leaders, governments and professional associations to your own employees and customers. Because there is nothing more credible than objective voices that back up and reinforce your story!

Manley speaking opportunities

speaking opportunities

manley seeks out public speaking opportunities that boost your authority while generating sales leads. We help put together a compelling pitch and promote you as a guest speaker or panel member at renowned conferences and other relevant events. So you can stay ahead of both the curve and new market players.

Manley mediatraining

media and camera training

manley drags you in front of the camera and our own professional journalists, teaching you the tricks of the trade as part of our comprehensive media training. So you can deliver your organisation’s key messages with clarity, confidence and conviction, while being prepared for those critical questions and unexpected turns in the interview.

Manley social media

social media

manley keeps a constant ear to the ground for you on social media. To find out what your target groups think and say about your brand and to enter into dialog with them on your behalf. All with a view to building a real community around your brand while reinforcing your brand image.

Manley copywriting


manley puts pen to paper to create powerful strategic press texts, opinion pieces, longreads, blog posts, social copy, web copy and more. You name it, we love to write it and we love to do it well. Still with your own personal vision, but put into words with the power to move minds.

Manley videoproductie

video production

manley never underestimates the power of images. Neither should you. We reinforce your communications with professional video content that inspires your audience. Urban, lifestyle or more corporate? Quick and catchy or calm and considered? Our film crew knows exactly how to get the most out of the medium for your brand.

Manley fotografie


manley delivers beautiful, high-quality images that add an extra dimension to your communications. We work together with a carefully selected team of creative photographers for images that match your culture and identity as a brand. An investment that never fails to pay dividends!