Hoe schrijf je een ersbericht? credits Olivier Giboulot

How to write a press release

A good magician never reveals his secrets. Fortunately, PR is no magic trick. Which is why we’re happy to lift a corner of the veil and show you how to actually write a good press release.

Journalists are under pressure to fill their newspapers or broadcasts every day. To do so, he or she asks himself three basic questions when reading a press release:

  1. Is this news?
  2. Is the source reliable?
  3. Is there still a lot of work to do?

There are a number of style elements you can employ in a press release to help journalists answer these questions in favor of your press release. A few tips:

Grab their attention with a catchy but informative headline
The headline is the first thing journalists see. Which makes it the singularly most important element of your press release. Make sure it contains all the essential information, preferably in fewer than eight words. Ideally, journalists should be able to see what your communication is all about at a single glance.

Keep them interested with a clear and transparent text
Now that you’ve got the journalist’s attention, the goal is to keep it! So keep it short: ideally no more than 1 A4 page. Avoid passive constructions and difficult sentences and try not to make it too commercial. Remember: your target audience is a critical journalist, who in turn writes for a specific readership. They will adapt the language, as long as you stick to the facts.

Convince them with engaging content
No matter how perfectly written your press release is, if it’s not news, journalists won’t report it. So first ask yourself: "Do I have something new to say?" Maybe there are interesting perspectives you can include in order to boost the news value.

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